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Riverstone Pools is the team to call in Abbotsford for all of your pool needs. We are all-around pool experts, and we can help you with repairs, maintenance, installation, and equipment tips.

We are experienced and passionate about the quality of work that we offer. If you have been looking for a pool contractor you can stick with for the years to come, we are the team for you. Regardless of the pool service you need, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best work for the best prices.

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All-Around Pool Experts

We have spent many years in the pool industry trying to master everything about pools and pool maintenance. Everything from the construction to the repairs and equipment replacement is our specialty. We strive to be the best pool service provider in Abbotsford, and we can only do that if we are consistently doling out top-tier results.

Our reputation as the best local pool contractor is attributed to our expertise. We wouldn’t have as many repeat clients as we do without giving them a reason to call us back. Most of our clients allow us to be their exclusive pool contractor and nothing makes us prouder. If you want to become a part of our long list of satisfied clients, please give us a call.

Book Your Pool Consultation Today

Depending on your requirements, sometimes the best bet is booking your pool consultation with us. If you are planning on building a new pool, this is an absolute must. If you need repairs – depending on the extent, it will be critical to the speed at which we can get started.

The consultation is in place so we can discuss the entirety of your project. We will be discussing your idea for pool construction, and we’ll help you bring it down to earth. We are realistic in terms of expectation management with our clients, so you are correctly prepared for the process. We will thoroughly discuss the budget and help you create a timeline that we will attempt to stick to as best we can. 

Prompt Pool and Pool Equipment Repairs

Your pool equipment won’t last forever. If yours is run-down, we will point you in the right direction. We stay up to date on all the innovations in the pool equipment industry to give our clients the best equipment and always make the best recommendations.

If your equipment does not require replacement and could use a repair, we will patch your pool up seamlessly. As pool installation experts, whatever breaks will be easy to fix for us. There is no part of your pool that we don’t know, like the back of our hand.

We will provide you prompt responses and prompt repairs so you can get back to your poolside daiquiri in peace.

Contact Riverstone Pools right away if you need your pool fixed.

Pool Design Specialists

When it comes to pool insulation and to hire a pool designer, the pool contractors you choose will determine your final results. You’ll want a company that has many Abbotsford referrals and testimonials, who can offer you financing options, and have long-standing industry contacts who they work with when subcontractors are needed.

There’s a lot more that goes into inground pool installation than digging a pit, and more that goes into aboveground pool installation than assembling some walls. Residential or commercial, you want your pool built durably, and up to all the safety standards. For years Riverstone Pools has been doing this for your friends and neighbors with incredible results.

For tried-and-true residential and commercial pool builders, get in touch with us today and make your summer the best one yet.

Inground vs. Aboveground Pools

For most of our Abbotsford clients, the main consideration when it comes to choosing an inground or aboveground pool, is cost. As far as pool installation companies go, we have constructed a lot of pools. When you know your way around the industry, you know that there are more considerations than just cost when it comes to choosing which type of pool you want.


The cost of an inground pool can range from $25,000 to $50,000. When constructing a custom pool, Riverstone Pools will excavate and sometimes even grade your landscape, then construct within that pit. Afterwards, you’ll also require the construction of decking or a patio.

While inground pool costs can seem hefty, there’s a good reason. On top of the construction that’s necessary, the results you get will be beautiful, pristine, and even add some value to your home.

An inground pool is a permanent landscaping feature, whereas an aboveground pool can’t help but look temporary, even when you construct a surround for it.


The average aboveground swimming pool kit will cost between $1,500 and $4,500 depending on quality. Adding labor and possible ground leveling you could be looking at another $500-$1,000. Still, miles more affordable than even the smallest inground pool.

Aboveground pools are also considered to be safer due to their height. Many Abbotsford homeowners take this into consideration if they have small children and/or pets.

There are a lot of great reasons to construct an aboveground pool, but take into consideration the temporary appearance, and fact that it won’t raise the value of your home. Aboveground and inground pools require the same maintenance, but in the long-run an inground pool is more of an investment.

If you’re looking for commercial pool builders, we’d recommend an inground pool every time. A more permanent installation is more beneficial to your business whether it be a community center, school, or office facility.

New Pool Construction That Lasts

When you’re looking to build a new pool at your home or business, the hard-working team at Riverstone Pools are just the builders for the job.

When it comes to maintaining that pool, we’re also on-hand to tackle any issue that comes our way.

Summer is better when you have your own pool, so let’s design and construct one that lasts a lifetime!