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Pool Contractors You Can Count On

Hiring pool contractors that can install a custom pool that you’re going to love is a stressful task. As a homeowner looking to enhance your summer experience, you want to stay within budget while still getting the pool you've pictured. At Riverstone Pools, new pool construction is our business. We specialize in it, as well as the regular maintenance, repair, opening and closing of existing pools. We’ll create an inground pool that meets all your expectations and sets your summer off just the right way!

Pool Installation

New pool construction is a big job. At Riverstone Pools we’ve been doing this for years, and can build efficiently without sacrificing quality. the installation process and length of time depends on your custom project but the "Basic pool package" takes about 15 working days. More complicated installation can take double that. We provide you with the "Process" document to keep in informed of the next steps and when payments are due. The basic process includes;

  • Marking out the pool site ( The Layout meeting)
    • We request that you bring out deck chairs, the kids, friends and family and test the space for a week or two before the excavation begins...
  • Excavating
    • This will be messy and loud but should be over in 3-4 days
  • Installing panels
  • Assembling accessories (steps, etc.)
  • Pouring concrete
  • Installing a liner
    • almost time to swim
  • Landscaping and clean up.

From start to finish, all work is completed with care and consideration to you and your neighbourhood.

Opening and Closing your Pool

As all pool owners know, you can’t just build a pool and leave it. At the beginning of the season, give your pool contractors a call so they can remove debris from the cover, take the cover off, re-install equipment, set up a filter, check chemical balances and ensure your pool is safe to use. At the end of the season, we’ll go through a similar process, but in reverse. Chemicals will be balanced so there is no buildup that becomes corrosive, and the cover will be secured strongly so no animals can fall through or elements can rip it off.

Pool Repair

Especially in the case of inground pool costs, you will need to allow for repairs at some point over the years. Vinyl pools can face liner tears and cracks as well as bulging. Also liner replacement can update an older pool as long as the pool installer has installed the pool like it was in their backyard. On top of this, plumbing and filter issues can waste water costing you in energy bills. When it comes to pool repair, catching damage as early as possible is important. Don’t let your luxury yard or facility feature turn into a messy, expensive, and dangerous repair job.

Riverstone Pools: Get Excited for Summer!

Whether you’re planning backyard pool construction or need to get your existing pool ready to go for the season, you can rely on Riverstone Pools to get the job done on time and at a transparent price that is fair. Don’t let summer stress you out, give us a call to handle all your pool-related needs and you won’t have to lift a finger to have the best summer of your life!