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There was a time when investing in a swimming pool may have been seen as a statement of luxury by a wealthy business owner or professional—that is no longer the case. In fact, in recent years the majority of new pool owners that we meet are young families looking to invest in a piece of paradise for their children instead of those annual vacations to Florida or the Caribbean. With COVID19 it has been impossible to travel except to your personal resort in your yard...ask us about adding a hot tub, gazebo, heaters or gas fire pits to give you that feeling of your favorite resort. At Riverstone Pools we realize that every family's means and needs are individual and unique. That is why we are proud to boast about our standard pool package which is the perfect starting point or end point for your project. Looking for an idea for how to create your own swimming pool installation? Riverstone Pools Landscape Designer is ready to work with you to create your backyard relaxation, stay-cation location. Let's bring your backyard vision to life together.

Building your swimming pool

Our standard pool package provides all of the necessary items for a swimming pool...from the standard package we can add items specific to your property or dream.

The Standard Package

Because every client is different we start with our Standard Pool Package. This assembly of items provides all of the basic higher end items to install and maintain a quality swimming pool. A detailed list will be provided to you in the 1st consultation but a simple list has been provided below. Briefly our standard package includes;

  • the selected pool size and plumbing*1
  • excavation and removal of material*2
  • Ash infused concrete bottom referred to as Pool Whip
  • Step budget (step selection varies)
  • Standard ladder
  • high rate standard sand filter
  • 1.5 hp pump (with digital controls)
  • simple in line automatic water treatment system
  • LED white pool light and simple switch
  • a simple winter cover with water bags as supports
  • 3' wide walkway of plain broom finish concrete around the pool
  • a concrete pad for the equipment
  • Permits application*4
  • Simple design / layout plan

Yes we include a standard maintenance package for you which includes a standard pole vacuum, a surface skimmer, a pool broom, chemicals for one season and a test kit. Investing in a pool for your home is a big decision but, if accessorized correctly, it can be a very worthwhile investment that will serve you and your family for many years. However, each pool is as different as are each pool owner's needs. Ensuring that you have customized accessories that will add value and longevity to your pool can be a crucial step that shouldn't be missed. This is why we have the optional list and product information which comes in the sales package.

The Option Items

Well, the optional items are almost endless the most common list of items includes;

  • heaters*3
  • covers including ; safety, leaf, solar and roller, fitted winter
  • additional concrete patio/deck area
  • upgrade patio / deck type
  • upgraded lighting with remote
  • increase step size
  • upgrade chemical systems ( salt water system)
  • water filtration upgrades
  • upgraded vacuums
  • water features from the simple to the elaborate
  • automation of everything connected to your mobile device
  • a range of spas and hot tubs
  • pool slides from the very basic to the extreme
  • pool coping from natural stone to manufactured products
  • full custom landscaping by a professional landscape designer

Once you are a client with Riverstone Pools a simple design is prepared. This design will accurately locate the pool and equipment in your yard and provide exact measurements (take off's) of all additional items. Our Landscape Designer is ready to work with you to create your custom design.

Manufacture's Websites

Thank you for considering Riverstone Pools for a new swimming pool for your family. For your convenience we have included several links to some of our manufacturer's websites where you can find information on pool sizes and shapes as well as pictures and details of some of the options available which are listed in our options sheet.

Again we need your word of mouth advertising and make sure that the products we recommend are very reliable, efficient really just all around the best value. When comparing estimates please remember to compare apples to apples. *1 includes 25' of plumbing from pool to equipment *2 Access to the pool location will vary price. *3 Heater not included, select from solar, natural gas or propane. *4 Client to pay all bonds an fees in their municipality with vary.