Pool Installation in Chilliwack

When you decide to have your pool installed, why not go with Chilliwack's best? Riverstone Pools is the team to call for anything related to pool installation. With years of experience, an excellent crew of pool installers, and the best prices available – there is no question that we are the team for you.

We pride ourselves on the quality of work that we give our customers, and we want you to know that if you hire us to put your pool in, you will be enjoying it for many years to come. Contact us to see why our list of satisfied clients keeps growing.

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Experienced Pool Installation Contractors

Regardless of the type of pool you are installing, it will be a significant undertaking. We specialize in aboveground and in-ground pools because we are dedicated to being the most dependable and knowledgeable pool installation contractor in Chilliwack and the surrounding area.

Our pool contractors have been hand-selected by our team leaders and have all gone through our rigorous training. While installing your pool, we will be sure to adhere to all the building regulations required, and we will help you acquire all necessary permits for digging if need be. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pool installation process.

Pool Installations Made Easy with Incredible Staff

Customer service is our number one priority here at Riverstone Pools. We understand that without your patronage, we would not exist. We will work tirelessly for you until you are satisfied and we dedicate ourselves to servicing your pool in the future whenever necessary.

When we arrive on-site to begin installing your swimming pool, the first thing you will notice is our team's willingness to work hard. We will come with a smile on our faces, and we will get to work, making the most out of every day that we are on your property. Make no exceptions when it comes to installing your pool—call the best. Call Riverstone Pools.

Book Your Pool Installation Consultation Today

The first part of a successful pool installation will be booking the consultation. Since installing a pool is such a big undertaking, we want to ensure that every element of the process has been considered and cleared before we break ground or begin building.

First, we will find an ideal time to meet. We are willing to meet with you however you want, whether over the phone, video chat, or in person. The entire process should be comfortable for you.

The purpose of the consultation is for us to get on the same page as you about your vision. We want to discuss the project in its entirety and help you manage expectations. We have built so many pools in the past that whatever your idea may be, we will help you bring it to life.

Another reason the consultation will be so thorough is because we do not want to adjust as we go. We will discuss every potential obstacle before we begin, so we are all on the same page about the project. Once everything, including the building plans, budget, and timeline is discussed, we will provide you with an accurate quote on services so that you can consider before we begin.

Residential and Commercial Pool Building Excellence

If you’re looking for residential pool construction, or commercial pool builders, you’ve come to the right place. At Riverstone Pools we specialize in creating custom pools for the homeowners of Chilliwack that they can brag about. Not only that, but if you’re a gym, school, or community center we excel at constructing commercial pools that are durable and built to the highest safety standards.

For pool designers that not only know what they’re doing, but love what they’re doing, Riverstone Pools is the team for you. With years in the local industry, all of our design and build techniques have been streamlined to give you the best functionality at the best price.

Aboveground or Inground

While the majority of commercial pools in Chilliwack are inground mainly for appearance and durability reasons, when you’re planning a pool installation at your home, you have a couple options.


The inground pool is a classic. But is the cost of an inground pool too much to make it a viable option? When you add up the potential cost of inground pool installation, not only will you have to allow for the pool itself, but also the decking or patio that will surround it, and potential grading and landscaping that will need to be done prior to excavation.

While inground and aboveground pools both face the same thing when it comes to maintenance, inground pools have more potential repairs.

But, they are a worthwhile investment, adding value to your home and an attractive atmosphere to your yard.


Don’t get it confused with a kiddie pool—the aboveground pool rivals the inground in size easily, and can be installed at a fraction of the cost.

But that doesn’t mean you can install it on your own. You will still require a swimming pool builder who can ensure your land is capable of supporting the structure properly, and erecting it with a solid foundation and walls.

Aboveground pools are safer for young children and pets, as they sit on the ground rather than above it. And, if you want to build a surround in the form of decking you can create just as amazing an oasis as you can with an inground pool—just a little higher up.

No matter what pool you choose, inground or aboveground, we are happy to be your Chilliwack swimming pool contractors. Specialists in the field, we’ll execute flawless pool installation and get your yard ready for summer in no time.

Next-Level Outdoor Living

Creating a space for students, community center patrons, or gym members to exercise, cool down, and relax in the summer? A pool is an amazing addition to any facility and we’ve had the pleasure of creating many commercial pools.

Having a property sizeable enough for a pool is an amazing thing. Allow us to be your pool designer and overhaul your backyard landscape making it your dream getaway, right outside your back door!

Combining your pool with the right materials, plants, and quality accessories with the best design will leave you with an enviable outdoor living space you can be proud of showing off.

Call our team at Riverstone Pools and ask us more about what we can create for you.