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Pool building is a task best left to the professionals. As many in the Chilliwack area already know, there is no company more professional than Riverstone Pools. Offering the finest pool construction services in the region, we're the team for you. From land clearing and excavation to pool design, our contractors and reputable subcontractors do it all.

Is it time to install an in-ground pool on your property? If so, contact us. We will turn your backyard into a private resort in little time. All you have to do? Pick up the phone and contact us at (778) 769-2700.

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You New Pool Awaits You

If you have been looking for a pool construction company, you are in luck. Over the years, we have established ourselves as the leading pool building team in the region—and with good reason. Rather than simply installing pool liners, pumps, and filtration equipment, we do it all. We oversee the entire pool construction and readying process, ensuring you get nothing short of the best service possible.

Services we provide include:

  • Site selection
  • Excavation
  • Pool design
  • Panel installation
  • Pool equipment installation
  • Concrete pouring
  • Pool repair and maintenance
  • And more

Get the Pool You Want

Not everyone has the same tastes—or the same backyard. Sometimes we want a pool of a certain shape, and sometimes backyards can only accommodate a unique pool-shape. Thankfully, we are skilled in custom pool design.

Whether you want a kidney-shaped pool or a conventional rectangular pool, you can count on us. We will make sure you get the pool you want. From concept creation to construction, we will oversee the entire process.

Riverstone Pools is a premier, full-service pool construction company serving local homeowners in Chilliwack and throughout the lower mainland. We're a small business making a splash in the industry with local hospitality and specialist pool knowledge. Building outdoor pool paradises of all sizes and budgets, we have the resources to assist you on your journey to pool ownership.

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We Design and Install Custom Pools

Create the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted when you choose a trusted pool builder with years of experience. We have worked with businesses and private residents throughout the city and surrounding areas. With so many affordable options to choose from, the sky is the limit for design possibilities. Here are a few examples of some of the different types of custom pools we have installed:

  • Concrete pools
  • Fiberglass pools
  • Vinyl pools
  • Dunk Pools
  • Waterfall pools
  • Pool spas
  • Embedded hot tubs
  • Modern pools
  • Island pools
  • Mediterranean style pools

The aquatic vision you have is within your reach. Connect with our design team for more information on how to get started today. 

Full-Service Pool Contractors

Pools are our passion. We're a full-service team of pool contractors devoted to supplying our clients with start-to-finish support during the design-build process of pools. With sky-high quality control measures in place, we oversee a streamlined and budget-friendly design and installation phase. We partner with top-class suppliers to source premium materials, like concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass. Plus, we always provide official post-project inspections to confirm the technical excellence and superior performance of our handiwork. As a family-owned and operated business, we go out of our way to deliver five-star customer service. As we said, pools are our passion—we'll ensure yours is best-in-class.

Pool Installation Done Right

Our job is a multi-faceted job. There are so many steps to the pool building process, after all. Thankfully, we are skilled in every aspect of pool construction.

Pool Excavation Made Easy

After we design your backyard pool, the excavation process begins. Relying on the finest haulers and excavation contractors in our community, we will prepare the property for your in-ground swimming pool.

In most cases, this process takes little more than three days. After we have finished excavating the land, we will make sure to remove all the debris and excess earth from your property, ensuring you don't have to worry about any unnecessary mess. That may sound generous, but here we think it is the least we can do for our clientele.

Pouring Concrete

The quality of your pool depends on the competency of your pool contractors. Here, we oversee every step of the concrete stages, ensuring the pouring, forming, and finishing stages go as smoothly as can be.

Fast Turnarounds on Pool Construction

Our work ethic ensures we will meet all project deadlines without issue. Rest assured, we always finish our work on time—and we always stay well within the agreed-upon budget of our clients. We always work quickly without setting aside our much-celebrated standards for excellence.

Have an inquiry? We'd love to chat with you. Get in touch with us today.

Book a Pool Design Consultation

The very best pools start with the very best designs. To build a dream-worthy pool in your backyard, our specialists first need to conduct a property survey and develop a sketch with your input. To do this, we book obligation-free consultations with prospective clients. We can do this virtually or in-person.

Bring us pictures. Explain your vision. Our on-staff designer, leveraging 25 years of experience and a Landscape Architecture degree, will sit down with you to put your thoughts and ideas to paper. We'll provide expert insight into pool materials and design elements to achieve your desired aesthetic and function to a tee.

Finally, we'll put together a price sheet to give you an idea of the financial scope of the project. We work hard to make our estimates as accurate and detailed as possible for your budgeting convenience.

Pool Installation

Putting the Pool in Place

The timeline for installing your pool will vary depending on your design's complexity and the specifications of your outdoor space. In BC, we typically plan our pool installations during the winter and begin pool construction from March to October (weather dependent). Whatever the task ahead of us, you can expect a diligent and efficient install from our crew. We procure permits. We address sewer lines, water lines, and nearby trees. We ensure your pool is compliant with all provincial regulations. Not to mention, we do all this with impressive overall efficiency so that your pool is diving board-ready, sooner.

Benefits of Working with Experienced Pool Installers

The depth of our professional experience is second to none. We are the city’s top-rated pool installers with a track record for creating exceptional quality. Here are some of the best reasons to work with our team:

  • Designs that fit your property and high expectations
  • Ability to troubleshoot problems quickly and cost-effectively
  • Swift turnaround times
  • Top-quality pool building materials
  • Exceptional results are guaranteed

Don’t take any chances with an investment that will significantly impact the value of your home. Get in touch with the area’s best-rated pool construction specialists for an estimate today.

Pool Installation Inground: Affordable and Stress-Free

One thing that makes us really stand out from other inground pool installation companies is our exceptional project management skills. Our goal is to anticipate issues and resolve them with innovative solutions that meet strict local building and safety codes. The other thing that makes us great partners is our budget-friendly pricing options. Install the aquatic masterpiece you’ve been envisioning at the best cost-savings in the city. Bring your goals to life by getting in touch with our licensed experts today.

Best Pool Builder Prices

We offer the best pool builder prices in the city without cutting any corners. We’ve spent many years building solid relationships with our suppliers so we can pass the savings on to you. Ask us for an estimate today at no obligation.

Pool Building Supply: Experts at Solving Problems with Pools 

Instantly add long-term value to any property when you work with a pool building supply partner that puts your best interests first. If you are experiencing problems with your pool, you’ll want to act quickly before further damages are incurred. Some of the most common problems we’ve recently provided low-cost solutions for include:

  • Pool leaks
  • PH balancing
  • Inspecting and repairing filtration systems
  • Pool pump repairs
  • Pool heater maintenance
  • Winterizing inground pools
  • Repairing cracks in structure or pool decking

Keeping up with good hygiene for your outdoor pool is an integral part of extending the longevity of your investment. Connect with us by phone today for affordable solutions to any concrete inground pool issue.

A Swimming Pool Builder You Can Count On

It’s no secret. Maintenance extends the life of your pool, but did you know that the proper installation of an inground pool is even more critical to your long-term success? Be sure to avoid unnecessary complications, expenses, and setbacks. Ask us for a comprehensive estimate today.

Pool Construction Services

Let's Build Your Dream Pool!

Riverstone Pools is a residential pool construction company specializing in all things pool design and installation. We love helping homeowners become pool owners. Our skilled contractors craft high-quality pools that bring value and endless hours of fun to families all over Chilliwack.

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